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Hapa Rice
Delicious chewy Akita Komachi carefully selected by veteran agricultural inspectors and rice sommeliers







Hapa Rice


"HAPA" means "mix" or "blend" in Hawaiian. The seventh generation of the family, who returned to their hometown of Yuzawa from Hawaii, invented the brand name with the desire to "bring the spirit of aloha to Akita.
The Hawaiian philosophy of compassion, harmony, comfort, humility, and perseverance was developed with the theme of bringing people's physical and mental health through food.
Akita Akita Komachi first-grade white rice and brown rice are blended in an easy-to-eat blend. The rice can be cooked in the same operation as white rice in order to incorporate a little bit of healthy brown rice into the body every day.
In addition to being easily cooked in the same way as white rice, this product is expected to open up new demand among consumers who have been avoiding brown rice because they do not like the smell.
When cooking rice, please add a little more water.



Probiotic Packed Cooked Rice 

Probiotic Brown Rice  

It is a retort pack of Akita Komachi brown rice with lactobacillus acidophilus (lactobacillus itself has no taste). It is recommended for intestinal activity as a beauty food that can be easily taken! Since it contains lactobacilli equivalent to one cup of yogurt, you can eat rice as if it were a supplement. It is so easy to eat that it is hard to believe that brown rice is contained, and is recommended for those who do not like brown rice and for beginners who want to start eating brown rice. The secret to its delicious taste is Akita Komachi, produced in an area with a large difference in temperature between day and night. The natural sweetness is concentrated in each grain. The bran component of brown rice and lactic acid bacteria work well together to soften the bran of brown rice and remove the smell, making it easier to eat. Blended with rank 1 white rice and brown rice, it is easy to prepare and easy to continue. One serving of rice. For busy people who want to eat brown rice for office lunch, postpartum meal, breakfast for students, or just one person in the family. Can be stored at room temperature for a long time, so it can be used as a standing emergency ration.

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